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Scam Alert - Protect Yourself From Legals

Alexander Barristers Chambers 


  • We are aware that certain fraudulent e-mails and correspondence are circulating worldwide which name either individual barristers or a set of chambers as acting in certain financial proceedings, where they have no involvement whatsoever. We have been informed that some of them carry (without our permission) our trading names, logos and barristers names. Typically the e-mail will suggest to the recipient that the sender can help them realise large amounts of money from a deceased person’s will which names them as a beneficiary. Sometimes the email asks for assistance in moving large sums of money, with the offer of a percentage being payable to the person who uses their bank account to assist. Other examples include: attractive job offers overseas with immigration assistance, lottery wins, financial gifts from companies, the offer of big contractual gains, or attractive luxury goods. More recently, fraudsters have offered to provide commerical loans in large sums in return for a fee. Some fruadsters create fake certificates and other instruments which use our names and logos in a further attempt to give their scams credibility. In each case, a fee will be requested from you before the benefit can be realised. Yet the beneift will never materialise and the money paid out by victims will probably never be seen again. Such e-mails and correspondence, purporting to come from legal professionals, have nothing to do with any individual at Alexander Barristers Chambers or our chambers as a whole – even where they use our names and logos. Barristers and Chambers’ address and logos (having been cut and pasted from our website) are used by crooks in an attempt to add credibility to a process which is designed to steal money from those who respond to the e-mails. The requests for money are a scam. Do not part with any monies and do not send money electronically via money transfer, bank payment or other method. You will not see your money again. Nor will you receive the suggested benefits. You could also be prosecuted for money laundering within your own country. Beware of receiving cheques, too, because they are often cancelled a few days after being paid into a bank Furthermore, please do not send any personal documents connected with such emails or correspondence to our business address as we are not able to accept delivery of them and have nothing to do with the scammers who are sending out the emails. If you have been the victim of such a fraudulent email or letter we encourage you to report the matter to the police in your country. In certain circumstances we can liaise with an email provider in order to shut down a bogus email address that uses our names. To do this we need copies of the emails sent to you to be forwarded to us in their entirety, unedited. There is not a great deal we as a barristers chambers can do if you have been the victim of a scam. However, to alert us to any suspicious activity, email our clerks: Contact Us

  • You can check the identity of a barrister at the following link: Barristers Register
  • Do ask for ID, as genuine barristers will be open and transparent.

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