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Specialist Barristers at Alexander Chambers

See our **Scam Warning** beneath our barristers' names.


Contact us now in confidence on 0845 652 0451 for a no obligation chat.

Kindly Note: Each of the above barristers is independent from the other barristers.

Scams: Only the barristers listed above and our named clerks (see our clerks page for details) are authorised to use our corporate name and logo in correspondence. Note that some scams use our email addresses, barristers' names and logo to pass themselves off. They are committing fraud. Do not be duped. We never send emails about multi-million dollar inheritances, jobs or employment for third-parties, lotteries or prize wins. Such emails are scams. If you part with any money you will lose it. See our scams warning page for more information by following the "Email Scams" link. Note, we do not send certificates of entitlement, death certificates, Wills and inheritance documents, copies of passports or ID material by email. If you receive any such material or emails, report the matter to the police in your jurisdiction and forward the email to the relevant email provider, via their 'Report Abuse' centre.