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We advise on statutory appeals, judicial review,  fair process and natural justice, and public authority procedures.

If you are unhappy with a decision of a public authority or about a failure of a public authority to act lawfully, it might be possible to bring a challenge by way of judicial review.

We can advise on a number of areas of public law, including: Justiciability – defining the contours and limits of judicial review for an applicant or respondent; CPR Part 54; other routes of challenge empowered by statute

  • Evidence – Evidential requirements in judicial review; duty of transparency
  • Discretion – in decision-making; fettering of discretion
  • Standing and Capacity – to bring a judicial review
  • Unlawful Decisions – Illegality, Irrationality, Procedural Unfairness, Bias, Right to Reasons; Duty of Candour Failures
  • Human Rights Act 1998 – and its relevance to judicial review
  • Interested Parties and Interveners – to make submissions to another party’s claim
  • Permission Stage of JR – (a) Written Pleadings Stage; Oral Hearings Stage (Advocacy)
  • Substantive Hearing Stage of JR – Pleadings and Advocacy
  • Appeals – from decisions in the administrative court; Upper Tribunal, appeals to Court of Appeal and Supreme Court
  • Remedies and Relief in JR: Mandatory Order, Prohibition Orders, Injunctive Relief, Construction of Statute
  • Upper Tribunal Appeals from Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Decisions; Appeals to Court of Appeal

For more details of how we can assist you, whether it is by way of advice or representation in judicial review matters, contact us on 0845 652 0451

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