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Terms of Instruction of Barristers

Alexander Barristers Chambers 

Instructing Counsel – Our Standard Terms:-

Our hourly rates apply except where a fixed fee applies. Telephone calls and legal services work will be charged in six minute units, except where a fixed fee applies. We accept instructions and documents by way of post and email. We do not accept documents from the cloud or where we have to log in to specific servers. Documents sent by email should be in PDF format only. Our barristers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), and overseen by the Legal Ombudsman complaints adjudication process. Solicitors who instruct our barristers must ensure that their clients are given a copy of Chambers’ Complaints Policy.

Our standard terms apply to all work we undertake on the instructions of solicitors and other regulated legal services professionals:- Contractual Terms for the Instruction of Barristers

General Matters NOTE that direct public access clients will have separate, bespoke contracts, by way of client care letter. To complain about a barrister, please use our complaints procedure. To cancel the contract within 14 days, please use our cancellation form. Work undertaken in that time will remain payable.

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