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Talks by Barristers to Schools and Colleges

Outreach: Barristers’ Talks in Schools & Colleges

Alexander Chambers provides talks to school and college students on careers at the Bar, how to become a barrister, and the working life of a barrister.

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Further Information on Talks by Barristers

Barristers are highly trained advocates who represent people and organisations in legal court cases and tribunal hearings. Barristers can also train to be litigators, which means they can prepare and investigate cases for trial, take witness statements, and file legal proceedings. Barristers can be independent or employed, and there are many career opportunities for those who later specialise in a particular field. Our talks explain the academic requirements for becoming a barrister, the costs involved, and the career choices that are open to those who would like to pursue a career in law. The Bar is not just for those who come from more privileged backgrounds. The Bar is open to students from all backgrounds, based on merit.

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